Meetings in SGI Bristol

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SGI Bristol holds a number of Buddhist meetings each month that guests are welcome to attend.

The main monthly meeting is known as the discussion meeting. Discussion meetings take place at venues all over Bristol, in each of our 11 Districts. They are typically small meetings with around 6 to 15 people.

The meeting has a theme that is accessible to both members and guests so that everyone can join in the discussion if they want to.

During the meeting there will be plenty of opportunity to ask any questions that you may have about Nichiren Buddhism and members will also share their experience of how the practice has transformed their lives.

In addition there is a monthly study meeting where all the members of Bristol HQ can come together to study the writings of Nichiren Daishonin, his teaching and various Buddhist concepts. This meeting is also open to guests.

There are also monthly meeting for men, women and youth (known as divisional meetings).

To find out more about meetings happening this month please look at the monthly meeting post